Apex Legends Mobile (BETA) Download

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How to Download Apex Legends Mobile (Beta)!
Before we get into the step-by-step guide about how to download Apex Legends Mobile (Beta) for Android or iOS, be sure to check out our NEW Controller Trigger that pro players recommend to use on any device you want to play Call of Duty Mobile on!
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However, if you were wonder how to download and install Apex Legends Mobile (Beta), here is how you do it!
Make sure that your device is compatible Apex Legends Mobile (Beta). Some Android and iOS Devices might not be compatible with the current build state of the game.
Step 1:
Make sure you are on a stable internet connect. We recommend connecting to Wifi unless, you have unlimited data plan. The Apex Legends Mobile (Beta) will take up a few GB of data on your tablet or phone.
Step 2: Be sure that you have enough space on your phone or tablet as well as allow a few extra GB just in case a new Apex Legends Mobile (Beta) update releases.
Step 3:
Use this link and install it:  Apex Legends Mobile Beta Download
Step 4:
Use a VPN and connect to a Hong Kong.
We recommend Proton App or Express VPN and sign up for a free trial.
If you followed all the steps correctly, then you will be able to download Apex Legends Mobile (Beta) and play it flawlessly. We recommend you use a Google login if you wish for your account to save when global release hits!