Call of Duty Mobile Controller - Mobile Advantage Controller

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The BEST Call of Duty Mobile Controller.
The Mobile Advantage.
Supported Games
Call of Duty: Legends of War
- Call of Duty Mobile
- Call of Duty Mobile Android
- Call of Duty Mobile iOS
- PUBG Mobile
and other games that support onscreen button customization
Supported Devices
- ALL iPhones
ALL Samsung Galaxy Phones S6, S7, S8, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10
- ALL iPads
- ALL Tablets
ALL Xiaomi phones
- ALL Huawei phones
- ALL LG2, LG3, etc.
- ALL phones that are able to run Call of Duty Mobile and ALL other touch screen devices! 
Why Choose Mobile CLAW?
- The Mobile CLAW Call of Duty Mobile Controller gives the biggest advantage for you on any Call of Duty gamemode.
 - Works great for Call of Duty Mobile: Legends of War! These Call of Duty Mobile controller CLAW Triggers especially if you use the CoD Mobile controller
- (Compatible for ALL Android, LG, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Huawei and Google Pixel devices)
- Responsive touch screen triggers that works with screen protectors
- Improve your aim and comfort with Call of Duty Legends of War Mobile instantly
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We want to deliver your Mobile CLAW as quickly and affordably as possible. Even if you live in India and you love to play Call of Duty Mobile in India, we support our Call of Duty Legends of War, Mobile products to India!



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